The TeachAids interdisciplinary research project is featured in Stanford University’s Leading Matters media production. Leading Matters is an inspirational Stanford event that reveals how the university is changing and reinventing itself. President Hennessy is taking this production to cities around the world, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, and selected locations throughout the United States. The tour will [...]
TeachAids founder, Piya Sorcar, presents her interactive HIV/AIDS education materials at the 2008 GEANCO Foundation African Health Education Symposium. Also speaking was David Baltimore, Nobel prize-winning discoverer of the molecule that HIV uses to copy itself into DNA; Kimberly Shriner, leader of the Phil Simon Clinic Tanzania project; Joel Breman, Senior Scientific Advisor at the Fogarty [...]
TeachAids and CARE International in Rwanda are working together to develop interactive learning tools for rural communities in Rwanda. Through the Communities Allied Against Violence and AIDS Project (CAVA), partly funded by the European Commission and partly by CARE UK, this program targets 35,000 community members, including staff members of primary and secondary schools, young adults [...]