Thanks to the generosity of Cambridge Associates, TeachAids moved into a new set of offices yesterday, with 1500+ square feet of space, at 2730 Sand Hill Road, Suite 100 in Menlo Park, California. Our new location is tucked in the center of the Silicon Valley venture capital industry and close to our research partners at Stanford [...]
Nimmagadda Prasad, founder of Matrix Laboratories and Chairman of VANPIC (Hyderabad, India), has joined the TeachAids Advisory Board. Besides being a highly successful entrepreneur, Mr. Prasad is known in the social world for his contribution through “Project Hope” in developing cost effective medicines for HIV/AIDS treatment. Mr. Prasad launched  ”Project Hope” in 2003 at Matrix after [...]
Known as the “Father of the Pentium Chip” for his role in the development of the Intel Pentium Processor, Indian-American inventor, businessman, and venture capitalist Vinod Dham generously donated $10,000 to TeachAids after learning about the scope and initiative of its global efforts. Born in Pune, India, Dham came to study in the United States with [...]
TeachAids, Girl Child Network Worldwide, and Girl Child Network Zimbabwe have joined hands in a formal partnership to provide the TeachAids animations to the girls in Zimbabwe for free. Together we hope to spread accurate knowledge and empower the young leaders to protect themselves and their loved ones. Girl child rights activist, Betty Makoni, founded Girl [...]
Operating in partnership with the Development Office of the Catholic Diocese of Kisii (southwestern Kenya), an Italian organization, Arché-ONLUS, will be educating 1,200 pupils across more than 20 schools in rural Kenya every year. The passionate team of facilitators work with seventh and eighth graders (the last two grades of primary education in Kenya) to [...]