The scorching 100 degree weather did not stop Coloradans from wanting to support the development of HIV prevention education. Over the past few months, a passionate group of local beer brewers put their talents to good use. Experimenting with ingredients ranging from lemon grass, basil and strawberries, the groups produced specialized home and craft beers. [...]
Botswana has recognized June 15th as its national "TeachAids Day". The Ministry of Education has worked with local partners to host screenings of the TeachAids animations in school districts, local businesses, and NGOs throughout the country. The government of Botswana has long been a leader in the fight against HIV, promoting innovative approaches to treatment [...]
A decade ago, Bruce Sievers initiated the course Theories of Civil Society, Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector at Stanford University. Sievers developed this course to train young minds to think critically about the nature of philanthropy and the role it plays in promoting public good in a modern democracy. However, this year, instead of asking [...]