“As a performer, I am trained to take the audience and transcend them to a different level where they can enjoy absolute bliss. If I don't have healthy people around me, they are not in the right frame of mind to enjoy this bliss. So, I consider it my duty to work with TeachAids to [...]
“KSAPS appreciates the effort put by the foundation [TeachAids] to bring out a simple yet high class IEC material on HIV awareness. The short film, once developed for Karnataka would be very useful in generating HIV awareness at all levels, including in schools across the state.” – Manoj Kumar Tripathi, Project Director, Karnataka State AIDS [...]
Hailed as a visionary leader, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has led the prosperous development of Odisha for three consecutive terms since 2000. With a large support base in the state, CM Patnaik is known for his stand against corruption and "pro-poor policies". He is also an acclaimed author with books published in India, England, and [...]