“I am proud to be associated with TeachAids, and I applaud their noble work in educating our young Indians. Let’s join hands to eradicate AIDS.” – Suriya Suriya is one of the most celebrated actors in India and one of the most recognized names in Tamil cinema. Suriya has graciously donated his time for the [...]
“Through the TeachAids animations, I’m endorsing curiosity, which is one of my favorite virtues. You have to ask questions, you have to ask them again and again until you know exactly what you’re asking for and you get your answers and are satisfied with the replies you get, especially when it comes to topics like [...]
“The animation’s messages should reach the youth. They’re the future citizens, the future parents, so this is very important.” – Malaya Goswami Award-winning actress, director, and radio personality Malaya Goswami joins the TeachAids team as the voice of the female doctor in the Axomiya language version of the TeachAids educational materials. Goswami brings over 30 [...]
“Although HIV is preventable, millions of children have been orphaned by the virus. We were amazed at how TeachAids has been able to break through the taboos, using a rigorous research-based approach, and provide the highest quality education around the world." - Leslie Zane, Senior Manager of The Tech Awards On November 14th, TeachAids returned [...]
What I would like to tell the students [who watch TeachAids] is, whatever they’ve seen and they’ve enjoyed and they’ve learned something, I would like to tell them to remember that and to spread the message themselves. Go home and tell your parents and tell your grandparents, and tell people around you. The word has [...]