”I joined the TeachAids movement because I value quality of education and respect for individual people. Every place that TeachAids goes, they research and thoroughly study the unique people, language, culture, and resources there. It makes me proud that TeachAids is building educational materials for my people of Odisha…keeping their needs and values in mind.” [...]
“We must seriously think about HIV/AIDS. We must stop this issue by educating and creating a healthy atmosphere for the younger generation. We can do this through our creative work, through our poetry, through our drama, through our film. Given my decades of experience in the arts, I have no doubt that this TeachAids 2D [...]
It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to one of our most brilliant minds — our dear friend and TeachAids co-founder, Clifford Nass, who passed away on November 2nd, 2013. TeachAids only exists because of Cliff’s genius, kindness, and compassion. A beloved professor, he was constantly asked to sit on the boards [...]
”In the movies, we are familiar with happy endings. But in the real world challenging problems often require ingenious solutions. TeachAids has developed a revolutionary product that will combat ignorance about HIV. The animations are already being used by millions of young people across our country and making a noticeable difference. I am honored to [...]