"As regards the laudable, humane work TeachAids is carrying out, in creating a united front to combat HIV/AIDS, by means of educational material for children the world over, I would willingly like to offer my help. We can tackle this epidemic by breaking the silence and removing the stigma that surrounds this disease." - Amitabh [...]
Children who enter the juvenile justice system are often ostracized from their communities and stuck in long legal processes during critical times in their development. They may struggle with addictions, violence, poor health, and lack of education, including lack of knowledge about the risks of HIV and AIDS. Narayana Aditya, a software engineer and active [...]
It costs $2,000,000 to create a single episode of The Simpsons, an animated sitcom of similar length to the TeachAids animated tutorials. To create the same high-quality products as commercial endeavors and then distribute them for free under our Creative Commons License, we rely on the generosity of countless individuals and organizations who are invested [...]