Barclays Bank of Botswana awarded $34,000 in grant funding to TeachAids in support of its educational and outreach programs. The funds were used to develop HIV prevention materials for children and youth of Botswana.

Barclays Bank joined other TeachAids project partners including the Botswana Ministry of Education, UNICEF, Yahoo!, among others to support the localization and distribution of the animated software. Featuring a video message of hope and inspiration by Festus Mogae, the former President of Botswana, the animated materials have been nationally approved and will be integrated in the school curricular at primary school level, secondary school, and tertiary institution. The TeachAids animations incorporate voices of celebrities including Jazzelle, Scar, Tref, and Zeus, who have generously donated their talents for the customization of the animated tutorials.

“We are pleased to support the commendable efforts of TeachAids. Using research-centered, localized animations to communicate critical messages around HIV prevention will be a truly innovative approach to educate our children and youth. Our colleagues are excited to use the animated tutorials and work closely with communities around Botswana to spread knowledge and awareness.”

Yodit Kassaye-Molosi
Community Relations Manager
Barclays Bank

On World AIDS Day 2011, Barclays colleagues within the branch network will visit the local schools and communities to share the TeachAids animations with learners, educators, and other partner organizations throughout the country. As the tenth largest bank in the world, with branches in over fifty countries, Barclays Bank is a leader in supporting outreach and development efforts internationally.

TeachAids thanks Barclays Bank for all their support and looks forward to working together to expand work in Botswana, and beyond.