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Beloved Chief Minister of Assam, Mr. Tarun Gogoi, has graciously recorded a Message of Hope to be integrated into the Assamese TeachAids software. The video version of the Assamese animations were released on local television last year and the interactive software versions will soon be widely distributed by the Assamese State AIDS Control Society throughout the region. In the video, recorded at his residence in Guwahati, Chief Minister Gogoi expressed hope for the future of HIV prevention in Assam and urged his people to educate themselves about the condition.

“I firmly believe that proper education and awareness are the only way to conquer the fear and stigma associated with HIV,” Chief Minister Gogoi asserts.

Hailed as a leader truly compassionate about the well-being of his people, Gogoi has served as Chief Minister of Assam since 2001. During this time, he has placed a strong emphasis on income, health and education, overseeing a quadrupling of per capita income, a 38% reduction in the maternal mortality rate and a 28% reduction in the infant mortality rate. Under Chief Minister Gogoi’s leadership, Assam has emerged from one of the darkest periods in its history to one of stability, peace and prosperity.

In 1968 Gogoi commenced an active political career, during which he served six terms in Parliament and four terms as a Member of Legislative Assembly in Assam. He has also served in the Union Cabinet of India and the All India Congress Committee.

While working alongside Chief Minister Gogoi towards the development of the TeachAids materials, his strong personal commitment to education and preventative healthcare practices was overwhelmingly evident. “It is important for all of us to learn that while there is no cure for AIDS, it is completely preventable and with proper education it can be controlled effectively,” Chief Minister Gogoi said.

We wholeheartedly thank Chief Minister Gogoi and his administration for their unwavering kindness in their partnership to support the development and distribution the TeachAids materials. Under his guidance and leadership, his administration will ensure that the localized prevention education reach as many Assamese speaking people globally as possible. As Chief Minister Gogoi notes in his Message of Hope, with commitment from all levels of government and strong partnerships, Assam “can be at the forefront of India and the world in deepening our understanding and knowledge around the most critical health topics”.

Video: Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi delivers a "Message of Hope" to the people of Assam

Click here to view the Assamese video version of the “Message of Hope”.