TeachAids has partnered with KnowledgeBeat in order to provide basic HIV/AIDS education to youth living in Zambia. With funding from President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) grant, KnowledgeBeat promotes preventive behaviors among children and adolescents to mitigate a national HIV prevalence of 17 percent. TeachAids animated tutorials are being used as part of KnowledgeBeat’s HIV/AIDS Camp program, which provide comprehensive training and education to both teachers and children about HIV prevention, sanitation, and gender issues.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a registered Zambian NGO, KnowledgeBeat collaborates with the Zambian Ministry of Education to deploy four programs to provide basic resources, enable teachers to more effectively deliver high quality education, empower girls to surmount social norms within their communities, and drive initiatives that target environmental science. The organization has successfully implemented programs at four rural sites throughout Zambia, including Ngoma, Masasabi, Itezhi Tezhi, and Kaingu. KnowledgeBeat currently maintains a partnership with international organizations such as United States Peace Corps, One World Children’s Fund, and White & Case International Law Firm.

Despite the lack of electricity and limited infrastructure, KnowledgeBeat recently employed the use of TeachAids animated tutorials to educate children in Masasabi, a small rural community in the northwestern part of the Southern Province of Zambia. In a crowded classroom constructed from mud and a thatched roof, students eagerly watched as our animations were projected onto a wall using a generator. The session was well received by both the children and adults from the area. In addition to the Masasabi school, KnowledgeBeat currently educates over 2,000 Zambian youth about HIV prevention and other educational efforts.

Through this partnership, TeachAids will work together with KnowledgeBeat to further customize and distribute localized versions of the TeachAids animated materials to local children throughout Southern Zambia.