Dr. Amit Rana leads a TeachAids education session at Hazira Manufacturing Complex
Larsen & Toubro has recently incorporated the TeachAids English and Hindi software into their regular Voluntary Counseling & Testing Center (VCTC), which was set up as part of their Social Corporate Responsibility efforts. After receiving HIV and AIDS health education, employees are given the option to receive a free HIV test, available through their Occupational Health Center. After learning about HIV prevention through the TeachAids animated tutorials, 100% of the 112 beneficiaries requested an HIV test to learn more about their status.

In addition to their continued excellence in the fields of technology, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, Larsen & Toubro remains dedicated to providing HIV education, testing, and counselors to its affiliates. The company instituted the Volunteer Counseling & Testing Center in 2004 with the objective of educating workmen, trainees, and contractors about HIV prevention and to provide free HIV testing and counseling. Larsen & Toubro relies on a team of medical doctors and trained health counselors in order to conduct their sessions on HIV prevention. Every Wednesday, counselors organize voluntary counseling sessions where they provide multi-faceted education about the impact of HIV, focusing on social impact, mechanisms of transmission, and tools for prevention.

As one of India’s multi-billion dollar technology-driven companies, Larsen & Toubro provides products and initiatives focusing on engineering, construction, manufacturing, and technology. The company’s seven decades of customer-focused approaches and advanced solutions have garnered numerous awards. They were named Business Leader of the Year in The Economic Times, Top 100 Most Trusted Brands of India in The Brand Trust Report, and received the Green Business Leadership Award from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. With subsidiaries and associates from over 25 countries, their co-founder, Henning Holck-Larsen, received the Padma Bhushan from K.R. Narayanan, former President of India.

TeachAids is pleased to support Larsen & Toubro in their ongoing efforts to educate, test, and counsel individuals about HIV and AIDS. We look forward to our continued collaboration to provide creative solutions to promote HIV prevention education in India.

Photo: Dr. Amit Rana leads a TeachAids education session at Hazira Manufacturing Complex