Since 2008, Pastor Bobby Rungasamy Freddy, the Founder and Director of Kannama Care Centre (KCC): HIV Education & Life-Skills Program (HELP), and a certified HIV and AIDS facilitator, has worked closely with his dedicated team to deliver the TeachAids animated tutorials to thousands of children, youth, and adults in Durban, in the province of KwaZulu Natal, and beyond.

The HELP team has been in close contact with Department of Education officials, as well as various District and Ward Managers of the South African District Schools, to implement the TeachAids tutorials into the schools’ Life Orientation Curriculum. Outside of formal learning environments, HELP has been running countless TeachAids education sessions at orphanages, rehabilitation centers, and other NGO-based community organizations complementing its HIV and AIDS programs.

Pastor Freddy’s team has also been generously replicating the TeachAids animated tutorials and gifting them to countless organizations in and around Durban and beyond.

TeachAids is proud to be partnered with this special organization. We commend their passionate and tireless efforts in spreading accurate knowledge about HIV and AIDS throughout South Africa.