Hip-hop artist Tref has joined the TeachAids team of international cultural icons. The talented young rapper donated her voice and artistic talents as she played the role of the Motswana student character in the newest Botswana TeachAids animation, staring opposite the role of the doctor, played by the well-known radio personality Jazzelle.

Tref, the stage-name of Thato Maruping, is one of Botswana’s rising Motswako stars and one of only a few females embracing that genre. At 22, she has just signed with her second record company Hail Earth Records. Tref’s three hit songs play on radio stations and television programs across the country.

Tref has a real passion for reaching out to youth and positively addressing problems of the nation through music. She is one of the seven upcoming artists collaborating with three established hip-hop artists—Kast, Scar and Zeus—to release the first ever HIV/AIDS oriented rap compilation in Botswana.  The artists each worked on individual songs based on personal life experiences and issues affecting society. The lyrics address alcohol abuse, materialism, gender and violence, and other positive messages.

Recently, Tref performed at a hip-hop show hosted by the Youth Health Organisation (Yoho), in collaboration with the United States Embassy in Botswana and Stepping Stone International. “The Show”, is part of an HIV/AIDS initiative “Artistic Excellence for an HIV-free generation”.

TeachAids is delighted to welcome Tref to our HIV and AIDS education efforts in Botswana.