Dr. Piya Sorcar presents at the Stanford 125th Anniversary "Thinking Big About Learning" Symposium

Thinking Big About Learning - the title of the opening event in a series of Symposia celebrating Stanford University’s 125th Anniversary - neatly sums up TeachAids’ philosophy on the importance of making high quality health education available to all.

TeachAids CEO and Founder, Dr. Piya Sorcar was invited to present at this Symposium, which showcased the ways in which “Stanford innovators are elevating the promise of education in a changing world by forging new paths in the art and science of learning.”

Dr. Sorcar presented on Overcoming the Cultural Roadblocks to Education, and discussed the strategies TeachAids has engaged to overcome stigma and cultural barriers to HIV education in contexts throughout the world. In addition to presenting some of the research that has underscored TeachAids’ global success, she shared stories from partner organizations all over the world.

Dr. Sorcar joined a multi-disciplinary group of speakers which included some of the most influential contemporary thinkers in education, neuroscience, physics and technology. Fellow speakers included Carol Dweck (Author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success), Esther Wojcicki (Vice Chair of the Board of Creative Commons), Scott Doorley (Creative Director of the Stanford d-School), Sebastian Thrun (CEO of Udacity) and Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Professor Carl Wieman.

Approximately 550 guests, including Stanford professors, local teachers and representatives from major technology companies attended the symposium. The event was also simulcast into other locations at Stanford and through livestreamed through the Internet. The symposium was followed by a catered reception, during which TeachAids staff and volunteers engaged with attendees and answered questions about TeachAids’ research, goals and products.

TeachAids is honored to have been featured in this inspirational event and congratulates Stanford University on 125 years of Thinking Big About Learning.

Photo: Dr. Piya Sorcar presents at the Stanford 125th Anniversary "Thinking Big About Learning" Symposium