“I strongly believe the TeachAids methodology will have a profound impact, particularly across the villages of Assam. Between my acting efforts and my legal profession, I come in contact with countless villagers who yearn for education and are keen on learning about ways to improve the health conditions for themselves and their families. I am [...]
“I am immensely pleased to be part of this pan-India effort to educate our people of Assam on ways to improve human health. TeachAids is a wonderful tool. I am especially impressed with the emphasis on concept-based learning versus memorizing lists of facts.” – Kopil Bora It comes as no surprise that the multitalented actor, [...]
“I firmly believe that proper education and awareness are the only ways to conquer the fear and stigma associated with HIV.” – Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi As a native of Assam, Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi is known for his humility and deep understanding of the needs of his people. In the decade since taking office [...]
Global health service leader, Cigna, has joined TeachAids to bring the award-winning software to more regions in India. Investing $200,000, Cigna is supporting the production of both the Axomiya and Kannada language versions. "For 30 years the world has been struggling to provide effective HIV prevention education. The TeachAids software pioneered at Stanford provides a [...]