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The end of 2015 marks the realization of a dream. When we founded TeachAids, India was one of our top target countries. With its vast population of 1.3 billion people and diversity of local languages, the odds of disseminating culturally and linguistically appropriate HIV prevention materials were stacked against us. A seemingly insurmountable obstacle was [...]
TeachAids is delighted to announce that singer/songwriter Phurbu T. Namgyal has generously donated his voice and likeness to the forthcoming Tibetan language version of the TeachAids HIV animations. Namgyal will play the inquisitive student who learns how to protect himself and his loved ones from HIV. A self-taught singer and songwriter, Namgyal has been called [...]
TeachAids artist builds the character for Indian cultural icon Mr. Sudeep for the Kannada version of the
Deloitte, one of the world’s leading professional services organizations, has signed on as a sponsor for the production of the Kannada language version of the TeachAids software. With the formal approval of the Karnataka state government, the completed software will be implemented into more than 5,500 secondary schools throughout the state. Celebrated cultural icons Sudeep, [...]
It costs $2,000,000 to create a single episode of The Simpsons, an animated sitcom of similar length to the TeachAids animated tutorials. To create the same high-quality products as commercial endeavors and then distribute them for free under our Creative Commons License, we rely on the generosity of countless individuals and organizations who are invested [...]