"HIV is something we can control. It's not something in the air, in the water, it's not in the atmosphere. It is within your own decisions and I would like our youngsters to make good decisions." Acclaimed actress and director Suhasini Maniratnam has graciously contributed her time and talent to play the role of the [...]
The multi-talented and award-winning actor, Sudeep, has joined TeachAids as the voice of the male doctor in the Kannada version of the HIV education materials. Famous for his roles in the Kannada and Bollywood film industries, Sudeep is an actor, director, producer, writer, and singer.  He brings years of experience to the TeachAids team. Sudeep [...]
“KSAPS appreciates the effort put by the foundation [TeachAids] to bring out a simple yet high class IEC material on HIV awareness. The short film, once developed for Karnataka would be very useful in generating HIV awareness at all levels, including in schools across the state.” – Manoj Kumar Tripathi, Project Director, Karnataka State AIDS [...]
Global health service leader, Cigna, has joined TeachAids to bring the award-winning software to more regions in India. Investing $200,000, Cigna is supporting the production of both the Axomiya and Kannada language versions. "For 30 years the world has been struggling to provide effective HIV prevention education. The TeachAids software pioneered at Stanford provides a [...]