“For months we actively searched for appropriate audiovisual aids to teach HIV prevention to our youth and young adults. The official materials in Nairobi were not useful given they consisted of a handful of posters and simple brochures, and that too only produced in English. You can imagine our excitement when we came across the [...]
Despite limited power and the patter of rain on the school’s tin roof, Comfort the Children International (CTC) successfully shared the TeachAids program with approximately 70 secondary students at Bishop Waichere Secondary School in Maai Mahiu, Kenya on June 8, 2012.  Students and CTC health educators huddled close on wooden benches to share one computer [...]
A Better Education Club (ABE) uses the Swahili TeachAids software to educate youth in villages across Bungule, Rukanga, Jora, Kiteghe, and Makwasinyi, inhabited primarily by the Taita tribe. Serving five primary schools and one secondary school, ABE used the TeachAids materials to educate 500+ primary school students and an additional 325 secondary school students. With [...]
TeachAids has partnered with Dignitas Project, a nonprofit organization working in slum communities in Mathare Valley, Kenya to provide organizational capacity to empower local leaders in underserved communities. Dignitas Project will use the TeachAids animated tutorials as a key component of its leadership institute training curriculum, accredited by the University of Nairobi. Through the use [...]