”I joined the TeachAids movement because I value quality of education and respect for individual people. Every place that TeachAids goes, they research and thoroughly study the unique people, language, culture, and resources there. It makes me proud that TeachAids is building educational materials for my people of Odisha…keeping their needs and values in mind.” [...]
”In the movies, we are familiar with happy endings. But in the real world challenging problems often require ingenious solutions. TeachAids has developed a revolutionary product that will combat ignorance about HIV. The animations are already being used by millions of young people across our country and making a noticeable difference. I am honored to [...]
“Odisha is one of the states in India that is known as a hot zone for this disease. Unfortunately, due to the stigma attached, infected persons are not reaching out for basic help. Therefore, we must come together as a state to educate our people about AIDS… As the TeachAids animation says, “let’s work together” [...]
“As a performer, I am trained to take the audience and transcend them to a different level where they can enjoy absolute bliss. If I don't have healthy people around me, they are not in the right frame of mind to enjoy this bliss. So, I consider it my duty to work with TeachAids to [...]