HIV/AIDS in Zambia disproportionately affects women.  There is significant mother to child transmission within the country, where ten percent of new HIV infections are in children under fourteen. Furthermore, among adults in their early twenties, the 2007 HIV prevalence rate among females (11.8%) was more than twice that of males (5.2%). The United States Peace [...]
In a small, rural farm community of approximately 500 people located in the Hardap Region, residents live several hours away from the nearest town in Namibia. In this community, secondary school volunteer teachers sought TeachAids materials after recognizing that the link between awareness and knowledge gains were broken. While students were aware of basic HIV and AIDS related [...]
United States Peace Corps Volunteers in Guyana used TeachAids to expose educators to pedagogical techniques and promote learning among children with special needs, including those who are blind, deaf, physically handicapped, and have behavioral issues. Peace Corps volunteers used the TeachAids software as part of their three-day training program. To date, Guyana maintains its own cultural [...]
Guatemala, Central America’s largest country, accounts for almost one-sixth of the entire region’s HIV-positive population. As of 2007, an estimated 59,000 people are living with HIV in the country, and 3,900 deaths have occurred due to AIDS. Given this, TeachAids has recently expanded its efforts in Guatemala with the partnership of the United States Peace [...]