Botswana has recognized June 15th as its national "TeachAids Day". The Ministry of Education has worked with local partners to host screenings of the TeachAids animations in school districts, local businesses, and NGOs throughout the country. The government of Botswana has long been a leader in the fight against HIV, promoting innovative approaches to treatment [...]
The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has awarded TeachAids an additional $34,000 grant to support our development, research, and expansion efforts in Botswana. Since our collaboration with Former President Festus Mogae in 2009, TeachAids has partnered with the Botswana Ministry of Education, Barclay’s Bank, SPICE, Stepping Stones, Yahoo!, and UNICEF to implement an initiative to [...]
UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, has awarded TeachAids funding to support the development of culturally-appropriate and medically-accurate HIV/AIDS prevention materials for Botswana. Partnered with the Botswana Ministry of Education and UNICEF, the TeachAids animated tutorials will be developed in both Setswana and English (Botswana’s national languages) and implemented into every primary, secondary, and tertiary [...]