Lee County Health Educator Neryda Greene first discovered TeachAids online and sought to utilize the materials to educate youth in the Lee County community. As Lee County moved through the process of reviewing the materials, it also coordinated with the Florida Department of Health, which approved the use of the materials in the county’s HIV/AIDS and STD classes.

Lee County is home to a diverse and rapidly growing population. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that the area suffers from a high rate of HIV infections. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the state of Florida had the second highest rate of AIDS diagnoses in 2009. A study by the Florida Department of Health showed that Lee County has a high HIV and AIDS rate among particular population groups. One in every 123 men in the state is living with HIV, and Lee County ranks eighth in the state for Black men who are HIV positive, with one in every 52 Black men in the county living with HIV.

The Lee County Health Department, whose devoted staff has been recognized as a leader in health outreach, provides HIV and AIDS prevention, testing, care, and education services throughout the county. TeachAids is proud to be a part of their effort to provide preventive education to the Lee County community.

As the global presence of TeachAids continues to expand, we are also working to ensure that our materials are easily accessible to educators and health professionals in the United States. Thanks to the Formal partnership between TeachAids and the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE), TeachAids materials are available for free across all 50 states.