Classroom in Kisii, Kenya watching the TeachAids animations
Operating in partnership with the Development Office of the Catholic Diocese of Kisii (southwestern Kenya), an Italian organization, Arché-ONLUS, will be educating 1,200 pupils across more than 20 schools in rural Kenya every year. The passionate team of facilitators work with seventh and eighth graders (the last two grades of primary education in Kenya) to raise awareness on topics such reproductive health, decision making and communication skills, and empowerment, among others.

Despite the lack of electricity and technological infrastructure, this team delivers high-quality lessons using group work activities, flipcharts, video sessions, and posters to enhance the students’ academic experiences. The team also delivers parent education as they believe the family is an instrumental pillar to a child’s education, morals, and personal values.

The lack of power and resources has not deterred this team in the least. They have added the TeachAids animated tutorials to their module of necessary content and are using a laptop to deliver the animated tutorials to their classrooms of learners.

Marco Casiraghi, one of the compassionate educators, contacted TeachAids in early April 2010, and requested using the animated tutorials as part of their “toolbox”. After running their first session, Casiraghi noted that “the tool was useful and captured the attention of the children. Its flexibility, allowing the facilitator to run specific thematic chapters at will, is very handy as it supported the step by step explanation given by the operator.”

TeachAids would like to thank Casiraghi and his team for their amazing efforts in spreading awareness to the Kenyan villages, despite the challenges. We hope your tenacious efforts will inspire others to take action.

Photo: Classroom in Kisii, Kenya watching the TeachAids animations