Uganda is slightly smaller than the state of Oregon. It is a country of beautiful plateaus, towering mountains, and tropical forests. Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa by area, is considered the “pearl” of Uganda and feeds into the Nile River.

With 1.2 million people living with HIV, including 150,000 children, Children of Grace, a small Christian nonprofit operating in the town of Jinja, Uganda, is working to combat health challenges by providing education, healthcare, and empowerment programs to enable a bright future. They believe that every child deserves high quality education in order to make informed decisions, turn their dreams into reality, become self-sustaining, and lead their communities out of poverty.

Each year, Children of Grace holds a weeklong camp where students learn life skills and participate in bible studies and other team building activities. In the past, the organization shared some basic education materials regarding HIV and AIDS prevention, but this year, the organization introduced TeachAids for the first time.  During the week of camp, Children of Grace shared the TeachAids materials with 100+ secondary school-aged campers, many of whom have been orphaned as a result of AIDS or who have family members and friends affected by the disease. The organization recognizes the importance of students understanding ways to prevent HIV, as well as having open conversations to reduce the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding the virus. Children of Grace hopes to use the TeachAids software in future empowerment camps.

“The video was extremely helpful for both the students and the staff.  We were very impressed with the presentation of the information and were thankful for the questions and discussion the video encouraged.”
- Jessica Donohoe, Nurse, Children of Grace

TeachAids commends the hard work of Children of Grace, and is proud to support their efforts in Uganda.