It is with great pleasure that we announce that the video versions of the TeachAids animated software has been shown nationally throughout India, reaching millions of viewers in both rural and urban areas. With the support of both the central and state governments, and our media partners, the HIV prevention animations were shown prime time on the most popular public and private television stations across the country — pro bono. The Hindi version, one of India’s national languages, was shown on Doordarshan National (DD) while the local language versions were shown on the highest rated TV stations such as SUN TVOTVMAA TVABN Andhra, and the local Doordarshan affiliates. All these stations generously donated airtime to help promote a more concrete understanding of the complexities around HIV and AIDS.

The release of these customized versions expand TeachAids to include some of the most widely spoken languages in India, and the world. Hindi is spoken natively by 370 million, Tamil by 70 million, Kannada by 40 million, Assamese by 16 million, and Odia by 33 million. English is widely spoken as a first, second, and third language throughout India, with more than 125 million estimate English speakers in the country. In total, these launches make state-of-the-art HIV prevention education available to a potential audience of more than half a billion.

We are immensely grateful to our media partners for their commitment in helping to empower people of all ages across India.