TeachAids, Girl Child Network Worldwide, and Girl Child Network Zimbabwe have joined hands in a formal partnership to provide the TeachAids animations to the girls in Zimbabwe for free. Together we hope to spread accurate knowledge and empower the young leaders to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Girl child rights activist, Betty Makoni, founded Girl Child Network Worldwide (GCNW) in 1998. It was a laudable effort to provide a safe haven for young victims of sexual abuse. The organization which started with 10 girls has grown to support more than 60,000+ girls, with 700 clubs across Zimbabwe. GCNW provides integral support for girls who are victims of sexual violence along with the medical, legal and psychological services needed to protect and educate them. Their empowerment villages also provide access to police protection to further support the girls and their organizational efforts. The girls receive leadership training to learn about their rights, prevent sexual violence and harassment, and become empowered, self-confident leaders of society.

Betty Makoni has won numerous prestigious national and international awards. She was named a CNN Hero in 2009, where she was presented the coveted award by actress Nicole Kidman. In 2009, an award-winning feature-length documentary, Tapestries of Hope, was produced following the amazing story of Betty Makoni and the development of her organization.

TeachAids is immensely proud to be partnered with Girl Child Network Worldwide. Thank you for your courageous efforts to transform victims into empowered survivors.