A shared vision for empowerment and passion for improving lives through education brought the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and TeachAids together earlier this year.

Supported by UNAIDS, and located in the heart of Paris, the UNESCO HIV and AIDS Education Clearinghouse is a knowledge and sharing initiative that includes contributions from numerous carefully vetted partner organizations.  It supports education professionals, ministries, development agencies, civil society, researchers, and others by providing a comprehensive knowledge base and information exchange service for the development of effective HIV and AIDS policies, programs, and advocacy within the education sector.  UNESCO’s initiative hosts an online database that is available in several language and includes over 7,000 references, quick access to best practices for HIV and AIDS education, alerts to scientific articles, a calendar of HIV-related events, a newsletter, a listserv for health professionals, and a search function for literature.

It is estimated that primary education alone could prevent 700,000 new HIV infections every year.  UNESCO’s strategy for HIV and AIDS includes consolidating and building on gains in school enrollment and girls’ education (an essential building block of the HIV response) and doing more to maximize the effectiveness of education responses to HIV.  The TeachAids education model is consistent with the efforts of UNESCO’s initiative as it also provides free health education through the use of research-based, culturally-appropriate learning materials that harness world-class medical and educational expertise and use technology as a means to easily share HIV and AIDS materials globally with those that need them the most.

The UNESCO’s Clearinghouse initiative will provide access to TeachAids' more than 100 unique software packages (in various languages/formats) available to partners around the world. TeachAids is pleased to work with UNESCO and hopes this partnership with propel even more NGOs, organizations, and individuals to share the TeachAids materials with those who need them most.