“TeachAids was a natural organization for us to support.  TeachAids’ commitment to quality and delivery of demonstrable results to different communities around the world is a desperately needed game changer.  We’re honored to be part of the TeachAids team.”   - Wylie Greig, February 2011

TeachAids was recently honored as a grant recipient by the Greig Family Foundation. The foundation was established in 2004 by Wylie Greig and Janet Greig and is operated through the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. As the second largest community foundation in the nation, the foundation has allocated $17 million in grants to outstanding organizations addressing community and international challenges through philanthropic initiatives.

Wylie and Janet met as volunteers with the United States Peace Corps and have maintained their commitment to public service by supporting organizations through the efforts of their foundation. TeachAids prevention materials have been utilized by other Peace Corps volunteers around the world, including in Guatemala, Benin, and Zambia. The Greig Family Foundation seeks to address important state, national, or international programs that focus on improving education, social welfare, civic society, or cultural institutions. The foundation also supports small, community-based organizations that directly address the needs of children, women and families. In addition to the support provided by the foundation, the Greig family remains actively involved in outreach efforts in the Bay Area.

TeachAids would like to thank the Greig Family Foundation for their commitment to supporting issues to improve social welfare in the Bay Area and around the world.