Bicycle rickshaw pullers in Uttar Pradesh (courtesy of The Dove Foundation)

With the support of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, The Dove Foundation used the TeachAids software to educate young bicycle rickshaw pullers in Uttar Pradesh, home to more than 160 million people. Through Project Aarambh and their Youth Education Program, the local NGO used TeachAids as part of their knowledge building workshops to further understanding of HIV and AIDS among youth.

Project Aarambh focuses on providing knowledge and resources to promote HIV/AIDS and reproductive health knowledge among rickshaw pullers in India. As an economically disadvantaged and marginalized population, rickshaw pullers comprise a vulnerable population in Uttar Pradesh. In addition to this initiative, The Dove Foundation also promotes outreach efforts through their Youth Education Program-2011. This program aims to improve the national health status through targeting adolescents and young people. In partnership with schools, YEP-2011 has provided education to over two thousand students about HIV/AIDS, obesity, and hepatitis. As the organization continues to expand, it will initiate projects in nearby districts in order to break communication barriers.

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation is a global grant-giving and content-producing public charity operating in affiliation with MTV Networks International. In 1998, MTV launched the Staying Alive TV series, which grew to be the world’s largest multimedia HIV prevention and awareness campaign for young people. In 2004, the MTV Staying Alive Foundation was created, expanding the initiative into a charitable, grant-giving organization to support youth-led initiatives committed to stopping the spread of HIV in local communities. To date, the Foundation has awarded 304 grants in 61 countries across the world, distributing over $3 million. In association with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, The Dove Foundation seeks to empower and support communities to implement and sustain projects in health, education, and youth outreach.

We applaud The Dove Foundation for their outreach and education initiatives in Uttar Pradesh, India. TeachAids looks forward to continuing to support HIV prevention efforts throughout India.

Photo: Bicycle rickshaw pullers in Uttar Pradesh (courtesy of The Dove Foundation)