Thousands gathered daily at the Umuganda Stadium in Gisenyl (northwestern city in Rwanda) for 'The World Cup In My Villiage' screening project.
TeachAids education materials were used to educate thousands of young people at the opening game for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. In Gisenyl, a northwestern city in Rwanda, families gathered in Umuganda Stadium to celebrate the first FIFA World Cup to be held on the African continent.

More than 3000 Rwandans, including hundreds of families and groups of young people, gathered each day for a month to watch the soccer games in the open fields. ‘The World Cup In My Village’ screening project was a special project sponsored by UNICEF New York and ONE UN Rwanda in order to build a sense of community and promote awareness about outreach and development programs. The TeachAids Kinyarwanda Health Education Animated Tutorial played between a number of matches and during half-time in order to provide critical HIV/AIDS prevention to the viewers, alongside many other UNICEF public service announcements.

“The fact that the TeachAids cartoons were in Kinyarwanda made all the difference in rural Rwanda. The audience eagerly watched the cartoon characters talking about AIDS awareness while waiting for the soccer matches to begin. When the animated question session came-up the children roared out the answers. It is a wonderful tool! A most memorable event in the lives of Africa’s children.” – Ayuub Kasasa Mago, Field Coordinator and Event Consultant

TeachAids currently maintains a number of partnerships in Rwanda to help mitigate a generalized HIV/AIDS epidemic. We are partnered with organizations like CARE International, Gardens for Health, and FACE AIDS to educate hundreds of young Rwandans through a “Training of Trainers” model, in which learners educate other young people about HIV prevention to address social issues relating to poverty.

TeachAids is honored to have our materials featured as part of these special World Cup games. We look forward to continuing to conduct HIV outreach efforts in Rwanda.

Photo: Thousands gathered daily at the Umuganda Stadium in Gisenyl (northwestern city in Rwanda) for ‘The World Cup In My Villiage’ screening project.