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The end of 2015 marks the realization of a dream.

When we founded TeachAids, India was one of our top target countries. With its vast population of 1.3 billion people and diversity of local languages, the odds of disseminating culturally and linguistically appropriate HIV prevention materials were stacked against us. A seemingly insurmountable obstacle was the taboo nature of HIV in India - so extreme that previous attempts to educate the masses had been banned and Indian citizens who provided sexuality education were arrested for propagating “explicit materials.”

Despite these challenges, TeachAids has this year completed its nationwide rollout in India. With the support of 22 Indian celebrities, 14 versions of our software (in seven languages) are now being actively distributed and used to educate children and reach the last mile. Here are some of our accomplishments, from December 2015 alone:

This marks the end of our proactive HIV prevention work in India. We are grateful to the hundreds of people who worked thousands of hours to bring this education to the forefront of the public’s attention. Thank you for proving what is possible when tireless passion meets a bold vision for success.