Case Study: HIV Fatigue — Combating HIV Education “Fatigue”
An innovative approach to prevention education in Botswana
Former President of Botswana,
Festus Mogae, Endorses TeachAids
Thank You, TeachAids!

The government of Botswana has long been a leader in the fight against HIV, promoting innovative approaches to treatment for its citizens. Yet, despite decades of proactive measures to combat HIV and AIDS, 23 percent of the population remains infected. After years of addressing AIDS-related issues, the population has grown tired of the repetitive HIV messaging. Furthermore, research demonstrates that fragmented lessons, in the form of billboards, pamphlets, and television commercials, result in a “superficial” understanding of the deeper issues around HIV transmission.

After learning about TeachAids, Botswana’s government reached out to form a partnership to tackle the issue of HIV education fatigue together. Collaborating with their Ministry of Education, UNICEF, and Stanford University, among others, TeachAids launched new, culturally-appropriate software versions in commemoration of World AIDS Day 2011.

The TeachAids software has been approved by Botswana’s Permanent Secretary to be rolled out across every school in the country. In fact, Botswana has named June 15th as “TeachAids Day” – a special day for all educators and learners across the nation to watch the animations, promote HIV knowledge gains, and continue the battle against the devastating epidemic.

The animations, available in both Setswana and English, with male and female versions, feature the voices of Botswana’s most celebrated cultural icons, including East Africa Idol judge “Scar” and Channel O Music Video Awards’ winner, “Zeus”. The interactive versions have an exclusive “Message of Hope” from the Former President of Botswana, Festus Mogae, who has been instrumental in building a coalition of African leaders against HIV.

Using the same iterative design process, TeachAids plans to use the success in Botswana as a model to expand this comprehensive approach to HIV education across all African nations, and beyond.

TeachAids has worked with an incredible team of world-class experts, governments around the world, and UNICEF to create a clear way to understand what you need to know about HIV and AIDS. Their tutorials are being used globally and are quickly becoming the standard in HIV and AIDS education. Explore and use this innovative tool. Challenge the myths and misconceptions that still exist in our society.

Festus Mogae
Former President of Botswana

When I first heard about TeachAids, I knew it was exactly what our country needed to fight against the tremendous HIV fatigue we are facing.  Launching these animations and making them available for free is huge step in increasing knowledge and curbing infection rates. I feel honored to be part of this historical moment.

Thato ‘Scar’ Matlhabaphiri
East Africa Idol Judge