The Problem

Children and parents don’t know the facts about how to play sports safely and avoid permanent damage from head injuries. Fear is outweighing knowledge and it doesn’t need to be that way!

In the next 10 years, 20M children playing school sports will get concussions

Head injuries span all sports (bicycling is actually the most common activity)

No equipment (including helmets) can prevent concussions

Females are 2x as likely to experience concussions than their male counterparts in similar sports

The Good News

  • With proper protocol and knowledge, kids can get back in the game faster and safer. This ensures the longevity of sports, supporting the great sports communities across the country.
  • Proper protocols exist. They are just not widely understood or used.
  • When proper protocols are followed, most concussions are symptom-free in 10 days.
  • Following the proper protocols and supporting teammates reduces secondary injuries by 3-5x.

What Are We Doing?

The objective is to disrupt the prevailing culture and practices in youth sports that perpetuate injury and lead to potentially more significant health issues. Using a comprehensive evidence-based approach, TeachAids is working with world-class experts and the youth population to address multiple complex factors that contribute to concussions in youth.

Leveraging the latest research and interactive virtual reality technologies, TeachAids endeavors to deliver an unparalleled educational experience that is highly motivating for the digital-native generation. Materials will be made available via traditional technology (e.g., phones, online). TeachAids is ensuring their products will be accessible to everyone for free. Product launch is late-2018.

With experience working in 80+ countries, TeachAids has perfected how to research, design, and develop learning experiences for multicultural environments. TeachAids will utilize their best practices to design learning experiences that are meaningful for diverse communities across the nation and world.

The exclusive science-based learning experience has four main components that incorporate TeachAids’ expertise and iconic voices:

  • The Science – This interactive part of the experience features the latest medical knowledge on optimizing performance.
  • Concussion Simulator – Youth say they don’t always know what a concussion feels like. This component simulates crucial signs and symptoms for learners.
  • Brain Fly-Through – Using Stanford’s unique medical technology, the “fly-through” showcases a real human brain for visualizing and understanding the implications of brain injuries.
  • MVP Exclusives – These are the “most valuable player” celebrity athletes sharing their experiences and lessons they have learned.

Understanding how to optimize brain performance will give kids the competitive advantage they need to elevate their game.


Integrating insights from renowned experts and young people across the nation, TeachAids conducted an in-depth environmental scan on the sports injury culture. These formative assessments have directly informed the educational suite. As a part of TeachAids’ iterative design process, leading researchers at Stanford University are utilizing rigorous quantitative metrics to assess the efficacy of the curriculum’s components.

Immersive Technology

This program aims to achieve the most optimal learning outcomes, through providing a suite of interactive tools and technologies designed to maximize engagement. In collaboration with Stanford University researchers and Silicon Valley innovators, TeachAids is enhancing learning through Virtual Reality. This research will enable them to understand how VR can strengthen empathy and enrich learning for youth.

Power of Persuasion

Even the most well-thought-out curriculum is meaningless unless it resonates with students. The success of TeachAids’ previous initiatives has demonstrated the persuasive power of learning from admired cultural icons. Medical and sociological studies confirm that trusted and respected celebrities can lead to meaningful behavior change. These materials are designed to directly empower youth to play more strategically.

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Who Is Part of This?

  • Stanford’s leading researchers from public health, medicine, education, technology and design
  • TeachAids’ interdisciplinary team of experts in learning sciences, researchers and continued supporters
  • The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) providing technical support for content creation
  • Sports legends, like Steve Young, Jim Plunkett, and Ronnie Lott, across various disciplines which resonate deeply with children of all demographics in the U.S., and around the world
  • Head coaches from Stanford and the Olympics ranging from gymnastics, basketball, football, field hockey, tennis, and swimming


Via their partners at Stanford, TeachAids has secured rare direct access to 10,000+ schools in all major school districts in the United States.

Estimated Reach


Children, parents, and coaches worldwide in the next 5 years



Leverage distribution through TeachAids existing footprint in 82 countries


Developing partnerships with NBA, NFL, United States Olympic Committee and other leagues to access their distribution channels