Founded at Stanford UniversityTeachAids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social venture that creates breakthrough software that solves numerous persistent problems in HIV and AIDS prevention around the world. TeachAids uses a research-based design process to develop medically-accurate, pedagogically-grounded, and culturally-tailored animated software to optimize learning and retention. Used in more than 70 countries, in partnership with national and international organizations, and incorporating the voices of cultural icons, TeachAids provides the most effective HIV and AIDS prevention software to educators, governments, and NGOs around the world – for free.

All TeachAids software is professionally developed at considerable investment, but then distributed for free under a Creative Commons License. Extensive dissemination of the materials is possible due to the flexible use of low-cost production and distribution technologies. This makes it accessible to people and organizations around the globe working with populations most vulnerable to the devastating impact of HIV and AIDS. Interactive versions are available through the Internet, to use online, download or burn to DVD, while Linear (non-interactive) versions are available for video projection in areas without computers.