The scorching 100 degree weather did not stop Coloradans from wanting to support the development of HIV prevention education. Over the past few months, a passionate group of local beer brewers put their talents to good use. Experimenting with ingredients ranging from lemon grass, basil and strawberries, the groups produced specialized home and craft beers.

Organized and hosted by long-time TeachAids supporters, the event took place next to Hyatt Lake and included activities such as swimming and a Hula Hooping contest.

Featured at the event were the following tastings: Vienna Lager (keg donated by Ironworks Brewery & Pub), Breckenridge Brewery Variety Pack, Tommy Knocker Variety Pack. Additionally, home brewers produced the following flavored products:
  • Buddha Belly Wheat by Benjamin Sutton
  • Summer Steam by Dustin Johnson
  • Buffy’s Strawberry Ale by Reed Lyells
  • Dirty Blonde by John Young
Accompanying the refreshing beverages, a variety of sweet and savory foods were donated by ACME Integration Co., King Soopers Market, Costco Wholesale, and Moe’s BBQ.

TeachAids extends their heartfelt gratitude to the organizers, local brewers, donors and other supporters from the Colorado community for their generosity and commitment to providing the most effective HIV education to those who need it most.