For World AIDS Day, we announced the development of 8 new versions of the TeachAids software, which would not be possible without the countless number of individuals working behind-the-scenes to donate their time and talent toward creating the highest-quality education materials and making them available for free. Two of our talented and multilingual celebrities, Anushka [...]
See photos from the TeachAids Pan-India Media Launch For World AIDS Day 2013, TeachAids is unveiling eight new previews of our HIV education animations. Available in four languages, the new animated software will star 16 celebrated icons who represent each region's most recognized names, all who have graciously donated their voices and likenesses to the [...]
What I would like to tell the students [who watch TeachAids] is, whatever they’ve seen and they’ve enjoyed and they’ve learned something, I would like to tell them to remember that and to spread the message themselves. Go home and tell your parents and tell your grandparents, and tell people around you. The word has [...]