Action for the Needy (ACFON) conducts an HIV education workshop in Luweero District, Uganda.
In Uganda, the landscape for HIV continues to change. After successfully decreasing HIV prevalence rates in the 1990s, they have been on the rise since 2006. Uganda still faces a prevalence of 7.2% (10th highest globally), or 1.4 million people living with HIV (6th highest globally). Yet, less than 40% of young people in the country have comprehensive knowledge about HIV.

Health educators with Action for the Needy (ACFON) have embraced such challenges and dedicated themselves to help change the social and economic conditions. Using the TeachAids materials, the ACFON facilitators educated their community members and encouraged them to follow strategies to maximize learning. At the end of the education session, ACFON chair members conducted an evaluation to ensure that learning was optimized.

ACFON, a community-based development organization is working to empower impoverished populations in rural Uganda. Their projects include scholastic programs, counseling, and medical care for orphans and vulnerable children. They are dedicated to HIV prevention to curb the ongoing high prevalence rates in Uganda. ACFON focuses on HIV education and on providing quality care and support to people living with HIV. In the future, they hope to utilize solar energy to power the TeachAids animations directly in their HIV education workshops.

TeachAids has worked with several other committed organizations in Uganda including SchoolNet Uganda, Let the Needy Smile, and Children of Grace. We look forward to continued collaboration with organizations such as ACFON to improve HIV prevention throughout Uganda.

Photo: Action for the Needy (ACFON) conducts an HIV education workshop in Luweero District, Uganda.