Girls of Rainbow Homes residential homes for vulnerable urban youth, Hyderabad, India
TeachAids is proud to work with United Way of Hyderabad (UWH) to bring HIV education to the vulnerable urban children of Rainbow Homes.

United Way is a nonprofit that seeks to advance the common good by “mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world.” Throughout the world, citizens have established almost 4,000 chapters of United Way, organizing millions of volunteers in support of local health, education and livelihood initiatives. Under the umbrella of United Way of India, UHW strives to “create long-term social change that produces healthy, well-educated and financially-stable individuals and families.”

UWH’s projects include supporting education activities at Rainbow Home’s ten Hyderabad residential homes for urban street children at risk of sexual and physical abuse. These facilities seek to “ensure a safe and happy childhood” for vulnerable children by providing shelter, nutrition, education and health care.

Recognizing that HIV prevention is critical for the long-term health of these children, UWH and Rainbow Homes identified HIV education as a vital part of their learning curriculum. Together, they showed the TeachAids Telugu software at a Hyderabad Rainbow Homes’ residential home for girls.

Over 30 young adolescent girls viewed the TeachAids software over several sessions. The girls greatly enjoyed learning from Nagarjuna Akkineni and Navdeep Pallapollu, two of the many cultural icons who kindly donated their voices and likeness to the software. The Rainbow Homes viewings perfectly complemented other TeachAids’ screenings in Andhra Pradesh and across India, including numerous screenings among at-risk boys and annual screenings on several major television stations since 2011.

In the Behind the Scenes of TeachAids video, actress and social activist Amala Akkineni comments on the ability of the celebrities, combined with high quality materials, to reach young people. “If you come to one of those viewings you’ll see how the children are glued to the television. They get it so fast because the material is fantastic....TeachAids has cracked the puzzle of bringing a very serious subject to the mind of a child by using the celebrity”.

TeachAids is honored to connect with United Way of Hyderabad and Rainbow Homes, both of which provide critical services for the betterment of society, and is grateful for the generous support of cultural icons in India and across the world.

Photo: Girls of Rainbow Homes residential homes for vulnerable urban youth, Hyderabad, India