Global health service leader, Cigna, has joined TeachAids to bring the award-winning software to more regions in India. Investing $200,000, Cigna is supporting the production of both the Axomiya and Kannada language versions.

"For 30 years the world has been struggling to provide effective HIV prevention education. The TeachAids software pioneered at Stanford provides a dramatically new approach for organizations all over the world. We are honored to partner with TeachAids in this important initiative.”
- Karen Kocher, Chief Learning Officer, Cigna

Partnered with India’s National AIDS Control Organisation, as well as the state governments in both Assam and Karnataka, the creation of these new educational materials will be accessible to more than 80 million people throughout the country. Local governments have already committed to disseminate the customized language versions across their respective regions. In addition, Cigna will be leveraging their global distribution channels to further disseminate the TeachAids materials to hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world.

Cigna joins other leading corporations such as Google, Barclays Bank, and Yahoo! to support the development and expansion of the TeachAids educational materials around the globe. They are a recognized global health leader and actively operate in 30 countries. With more than 70 million customers worldwide, they have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to both employee education and broader health education through numerous initiatives.

We are pleased to welcome Cigna as a TeachAids partner. We look forward to working together to expand our reach in India and make effective HIV education accessible around the world.